Buccal Facial in the
Heart of Toronto

Step into one of our Sous La Face studios, located in the heart of Toronto and Muskoka. Here, you can sit back and relax while we get to work on delivering real, natural results.

Sous La Face
Sous La Face

The Experience

We are all about achieving your most beautiful, toned and sculpted results. Our series of signature treatments provide unparalleled improvements to skin tone, tightness and overall revitalization with minimal downtime or recovery. Our team of trained professionals will assess your beauty goals in studio and customize our signature treatments to allow for ongoing maintenance and incomparable results.

Radical Radiance

Our signature therapy is based on ancient beauty
techniques blended with modern science. RRR™ is a
non-invasive alternative to conventional beauty treatments,
that helps to enhance collagen production and promote
lymphatic drainage. You will leave looking rejuvenated and
revitalized, with your natural glow restored!

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Botox and filler? We pair well.

You have everything you need to be beautiful - just beneath the skin.
Your natural contours and vibrancy are already in you, waiting to shine through.


Tamara Glazier
Sous la Face is the hottest spot in Yorkville by far to level up your standards in innovative, clean, and natural beauty. Amanda has travelled the globe to bring to Toronto minimally invasive procedures ...

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Jen Wilson
I am in LOVE with SLF!! Having struggled with acne after the birth of my daughter, I have spent hundreds of dollars on other products but nothing has worked so drastically ...

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Samantha Molyneux
Absolutely love Sous La Face. Went for the triple R facial and couldn’t believe the immediate results it produced. The team is wonderful and so welcoming. They are a wealth of knowledge and I will certainly ...

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Cleo E.
A wonderful way to relax and restore your skin and body in a super cute setting. Loooooovvvve it. Amazing technology and products too!!
Carly Whittamore
From the moment you step inside the Soul La Face studio, you are instantly put at ease with a warm welcome from their friendly team. The owner Amanda is truly amazing ...

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If you don’t move it, you lose it.

Just like your body, your face needs movement to stay toned and lifted. Visit us for the ultimate
beauty workout.

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